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The New SiSoft Sandra is out, you can get it here.SISOFT SANDRAAparrently there are some problems though Click here to hear
If you would like to become part of the Hardware Groove team We are in desperate need of writers and html editors. E-mail hyperlink1@go.com
The Inquirer Has the latest scoop on the 1.4ghz and 1.35ghz Athalon MP and XP.
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Amd is due to make another price cut this Oct. How do they do it?
P4 users I hear there is a new great feature. Instead of your usual blue screen of death there is a great black screen of death now. For just a few hundred or so dollars more than your slightly faster and more stable Athalon, Now you can lock up in style!
If this is happening to you it's no big deal It's a problem with the Active monitor and the Ata storage driver 6.10+ and win2000. Hold insert key while booting if that dont work just unplug the computer for 15sec. and it should boot fine.
Tom's compaired Intel vs Amd MP price and performance for your dollar. Celeron vs Druon (to be as fair as possable) guess who moped up the floor again?
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Decoding the pin on your Athalon and Duron

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